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Are you the perfect author?: quiz

1. Are you an Ďideas personí? How easy do you find it to creatively tackle a problem?
a) Ideas from me come two a penny, take them or leave them.
b) Iíve got lots of ideas but try to filter out the unworkable ones before I go public.
c) I take my inspiration from all around me. My ideas are usually a development of something else Iíve seen.

2. What sort of writing experience do you have?
a) I write regularly for the local paper and get my articles published on all sorts of websites.
b) I write anywhere and anyhow I can: I take pleasure in crafting letters to my friends, and donít  often send text messages.
c) Writing is not my forte. I just donít seem to get motivated.

3. How organised are you? Do you spend time planning or just launch straight in?
a) I just let the creative juices flow.
b) The hard work is all up front, in the planning. Itís tough, but creates the scaffold for building my writing around it.
c) I can see some sort of method to my thoughts and have a rough idea of how my work will end up.

4. What does a deadline mean to you?
a) What day is it? What time is it?
b) Iíve got so much on, itís a difficult juggling act.
c) If I say Iíll do something by a particular date, Iíll do it.

5. When you spot an error in a book or on a website, whatís your reaction?
a) Torment Ė I want to get my red pen out. I apply the same rigour to my own writing, too.
b) I might notice it, but feel slightly irritated by the pedant who wants to point it out.
c) I never even check my own work, never mind someone elseís.

6. What about getting Ďout thereí and promoting your ideas on a bigger stage: are you any good at that?
a) Iím often asked to do presentations Ė and really enjoy it.
b) I go to lots of conferences and events and love talking about my work.
c) Meeting new people and talking to groups of people is not something I find easy.

7. Communication matters in publishing. Not only words on a page or on a screen, but listening to what others can bring to the team.
a) Iím always interested in what others have to say, and if I can learn, I will.
b) Iím often bored by what others have to say.
c) Iím usually working on my own and like it that way.

8. How visual are you? Can you see in your own mind what your reader will see?
a) Iíll focus on the words, someone else can think about the pictures.
b) I have a good image in my own mind of what the page will look like when Iím writing.
c) Itís just important for me to get everything on the page thatís inside my head.

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